Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5:50 am

Listen : Pitbull - I know you want me

Okay, basically, this is what you get when you make a cup of pure "kaw" coffee. You can't sleep like hell. Damn, I'm very tired man. And I can't sleep. Haih. This went out pretty well here. Got lots of things going on around me. Got financial quiz coming up this morning. Great huh? Well it's a "package" and I'm damn sure I will pass it with a 'very flying color'. Haih. it's hard to explain my friend. Things that going on around me happen in a sudden, and I'm not quite sure weather I decide it correctly or without even noticing it.

You know what, I wanna change my perspective towards life. Well, my life. Some say life is unpredictable, and some say life is unfair. Well, life is unfair if you don't get through it properly am I right? Correct me if I'm wrong. What's unfair in my life? I don't wanna call it as 'unfair'. I was misjudge what ever I did those day. I did wrong, and that wrong will teach us a lesson or two in the future. Yeah, I used to regret it. On second thought, it teach me on how to be who I am right now. Well. I'm not perfect enough for now, and surely i didn't carry out my responsibility as a Muslim. Yeah, I've thought of it lately. No, most of my time alone. The way I am right now is so far away from being a religious young man. Watching porno, cigars, peeking girls from my room using binocular(girls who wondering around. Not the one with or without towels okay) and stuff. That is what I actually like in a university environment. Sorry to say girls. We boys have our own ways fill up our unused time.

Girls : Nonsense! Waist of you freaking time! Pervert! yadayadayada.

So what? Only the person who we peeks can speak up. And if they do speak up, they will not stop us from doing what we like. Haha. Like what my friend said,

Mr S : If you've been given a million bucks, would you stop doing what you like the most?

Haa. Answer it please. You seriously like to draw people's attention (marketable). And suddently a person drop you that million baby. Aku berani tonggeng yang kau takkan berhenti memarketkan diri.

Thank you :)


  1. hahaha..
    u know what?
    post2 yg ditulis pd waktu2 camni(5.50 am?) selalu begitu mendalam
    it's like when people write at such time, everything will come out - from even the very bottom of their heart.

  2. n one more thing, u were alone writing this post right

  3. bodo..
    kau intai ape aku buat ke?
    bukan ke kau tgh tido time tu?
    tongong je

  4. bodo ape..
    memang terang2 ko sorang x tido lg kot, nak intai ape nye
    anyway, fuck.
    u guys went to putra having a great time while all i can do at home is some ehem, u know.
    shit! haha

  5. hahaha..
    thats what you do best aite?
    gile kau nk ulang alik kl kuantan.
    mmg dekat ki

  6. its not good teropong orang sayang (:
    cari aktiviti yg lebih sihat ok.