Thursday, July 02, 2009


Today's Berita Harian told that over 40 female students at UiTM Pahang, Jengka campus got themselves hysteria yesterday evening. Somehow, the rumours I think most probably 78% true because of the spookieness of that place. "jengka" is somehow a new word. Those days, Jengka spells like this "Jin ka". How was that? If they still use that name, I think no one wants to live there and there'll be no UiTM campus there. Been heard a lot through the security, campus' staffs about this whole ghost thingy. The campus was a black deep forest long time ago. Its like we interupt their home and when they feel threaten, the did what they do best.

But on Utusan Malaysia told the audiences other story. The lack of energy from the student for the orientation program. Now this is stupid. The orientation did'nt allow students to take their bath for a week. Thats why students behave like that, and thats why students despise this so call "Minggu Mesra Siswa" because of the program somehow did'nt change most of the students. They prefer go there, got themselves registered, place their belonging to their room, and go back home or somewhere else.

The point here, I think the MMS should be stopped. Even the case is in the tabloid, they still want to continue doing it. Tell me, how can students pray well when they did'nt take their pleasant bath for approximately a week?

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  1. horror..aku pn bnyk kali kene kaco kat jengke yg buat lg mls nk blk jengke ni..huhu