Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Waktu Imsak

What do people always do in 5:50 in the early morning when they don't have anything to do? Well they blogging. This week is the craziest week ever I guess. Skipped all the classes for the whole week and spent all the time with friends all around Kuala Lumpur.

Well I've just finished watching Ayat-ayat Cinta movie. (ye ke?) Well, kinda nice movie I guess because it can easily makes people cry. But I don't okay. One thing that fascinates me is, no no many things. One of it is, a girl who converted her religion from Jewish to Muslim. She actually do the prayer even though obviously she still have a cross tattoo on her left arm. Wattafak right? But I don't actually know the fact because I am week in this thingy. But I am fully aware that tattoo is forbidden according to Islam. I don't know if different 'mazhab' allowed Muslims to have a tattoo. But, that is so awkward, and she can actually read surah Mariam (I think) extremely fluent okay. And and, a parent who accidentally switch their daughter with other parents. An Indian parent with a Muslim parent. And both the daughter's faces very obvious an Indian and Muslim look alike. Durh~ How come they don't even recognize their one and only child? Where is the so called 'mother's instinct'? At the time where all of them starting to cry out loud, I began to laugh as hard as I can. Haha. But I admired the sacrifices in that movie. A big round of applause.

The moral of this blog is, I am freaking bored.

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