Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Facebook ain't do you no good.

I'm writing this post in English hoping for someone from Facebook management read this. What happen to Facebook nowadays man? Some establish website is it? Or some kind of trash website? You don't do things that you and your policies promise to do. Fake account are everywhere. Wheres your goddamn eyes? Yeah, you better go blind than seeing things and you don't act to it. Some one has impersonate my girl, and i have reported it, and you do nothing about it? What the fuck I must say. And what the fuck are you guys doing? play your balls with each other huh? I tell you what fucker, you ain't got no balls to do your job. Earn some money and you just hanging your balls. Nice work man.

I have Facebook too. And hell yeah I will make a shout out saying that Facebook is a mother fucking piece of trash. And I'm gonna make a 'boycott Facebook' event. You bet I will. And I will make an open apology statement if my girl's fake account has been terminate. Mark my word. Cause I'm a man on my words asshole.


  1. fb admin please do smthng ok! thanks ikhwan <3

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  3. Ain't("are not","am not","do not", "does not", and "did not" but also used for "is not", "are not", "has not", or "have not")

    fb ain't do you no good means dat fb is doing u something good.

    suppose to be

    fb ain't do you ANY good.

    fix it asap. n delete dis comment asap.
    **rakyat prihatin.