Thursday, April 09, 2009

The reason

Haha. Did you know whats Malaysian popular reason when they want to break up? "You terlalu baik untuk I la" Haha. Well thats BULLSHIT. You don't have other reason ke? Or else, Just tell the truth that "I don't like you anymore", or "You are so lame and boring" Yah I know its hard to say it or easy to say, hard to do is it? But hey bitch, it happens to me all the time, and I'm well prepared for it. Haha. Nothing to feel sober anymore. But thruogh my observation, most of female are capable of using these reason. Why? because they don't have the guts to tell the truth. They told that he deserve better than her *actually, at some point, they're right* and one or two weeks later, they're dating other guy. How awesome is that? Sorry ladies, this is from my perception. No harm okay?

It is not that I want to let my anger goes to you ladies, like I said before, I'm well-prepared for this. Things come and go. Thats the nature of life and you can't blame anyone for that. *but we sure can blame whoever who creates the reason. Haha* Owh owh, after they told that 'magic word' they're like "Lepas ni kite just kawan je la. Don't worry, we still can keep in touch thru phone, Myspace, Facebook yadayadayada" Haha, and turns out, they never call, never contact, never everything la. These are TRASH too. After you tell lies, you still wanna lie again and again ka? Think further ahead guys *male and female* Whose the loser at this point? the person who get dumped or the person who dumped others?

The solution is, better get married first then falling in love after that. Haha. In that case, you'll know what type of partner are you with. If you think he/she one of tak boleh pakai punye type, then divorce sudah. Look for another. Haha. Clever huh? *But I think this suggestion can be implement by male only. You know, the cerai-cerai thingy*


Crapt! I'm writing in English. Haha


  1. hey, whats wrong with writing in english?
    it seems okay to me?
    haha :p
    and by the way,
    ni i nak speak for the ladies ni,
    ehem *clear throats*
    haha :p
    SOME of the ladies, tend to use reasons like that beacuse they feel like they shouldnt hurt people's feelings
    that was why they dare not to say it out loud
    you know how gurls are :p
    and SOME ladies, tend to use that reason just because it is true?
    but this type of ladies mmg ta ramai ar en
    hahaha :p
    okay, end of crap
    bottom point,
    i suck in love too :p

  2. very cynical . especially towards the end part :S

  3. Ta adlynndiyana :

    haha. we share something in commnon thou


  4. To shamim hashim :

    thats just a suggestion ma'am


  5. why r u calling me ma'am . x glamour la. :P

  6. To Shamim Hashim :

    Habit. im used to it since i first work

  7. kesimpulanya kite semua tak akan suke bile break off.

    n u just showed it in there.

  8. To june :

    Yes, i mean who the heck will like it? *to those who dumped others will kot. Haha*

  9. i dont like the last part.
    the cerai2 thingy.

    lelaki boleh laa, but prempuan..
    paham2 sendiri ok hun (: