Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, there was two Indonesian's hot chick came to the store today. One of them, while holding her LV bag, they approach me

Chick 1 : Excuse me, the leather part on my bag dirty la. What can I do to remove the stain? Water can ah?

Me : Eyh, cannot, this is natural cow hide leather. If you use water, you will spoil the leather. Not nice la.

Chick 2 : Then what can we do? She bought it last 2 weeks.

Me : Well, we only can suggest you to use an eraser.

Chick 1 & 2 : Ha?? What is eraser?

Me : Huh? The thing that we often use to get rid of the stain la.

Chick 1 & 2 : haaa?? *confused*

Me : You know when you're writing in a piece of paper with pencil, then when you want to erase it, you used eraser la. The thing at the back of your pencil.

Chick 1 & 2 : We don't know eraser la. Do you have one?

So I went into pre-wrap (the place where we packed all the bags) and took the eraser.

Me : Haa. This one.

Chick 1 & 2 : Owh! PENGHAPUS!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sumpah weh, that really got me big time. Aku gelak je depan dorang without even care people staring at me. Bodoh sangat-sangat. That was the first time I heard Indonesian call eraser, PENGHAPUS. Hahaha. But I've to admit. Indonesian chicks, most of them are hot. Even chinese Indonesian too. But all of those chick are rich la. I don't know if an average Indonesians are hot or not. Haha. That was the first time ever I laugh out loud like a faggart. Haha

p/s :
To you. Yah you. I still hate you.Hahaha. Owh no, I despise you. Very very much ;D


  1. penghapus?
    gile comel!
    eh, u despise me ke?
    haha :P

  2. "Excuse me, the leather part on my bag dirty la. What can I do to remove the stain? Water can ah?"

    -seem so singlish.

  3. To adlynndiyana :

    The message was not meant for you la:)

    To june :

    Ye la..tak gempak pulak kan. Orang 'the eraser', diorang 'the terminator!' haha

    To mim :

    Haha. Chinese Indonesian kan:)

  4. Hahah lepas nih nak panggil penghapus lah!
    "weh pinjam penghapus kejap!'