Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, basically, I woke up at 10a.m and prepared myself to go to work. Every single freaking day man. Kinda tired of working. But money don't always fall from the sky. Next month I will be a bit free because I will only work 13 days a month and off the rest. Hambik kau. Nak sangat cuti. I thought that I would lose a big amount of money. On second thought, I still can work with my father. He owned a futsal court. Owh wait, he owned two futsal courts. So I can take a good care of that courts and ofcourse will take a great care of the money. He also opened a gerai stall. What the heck. He employed as much worker as he can, as he think the stall is like NZ or Pelita. But what to do, he's a visionary man. Haih, like father like son. Cehh~

The conclusion is, money hunting is boring yaw.


  1. tunggu i balikkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D
    (tibe tibe je) :p

  2. hahaha..ntah..tibe tibe je:D

  3. The ideal thing to do to get money:

    - when u r doing it, u never think of when to go home.
    -u would do it even if u don't get a cent. (this is a bit complicated to explain though).
    -u never think of retiring from doing it.
    -ur focus is on the job/business, not the money. Money is just the by-product

    *sori berleter. haha.aku tgh xde keje ni.. n ape yg bermain dlm otak aku skang kene dgn post ni.

  4. To Shauki :

    Haha. You always do man when it comes to money hunting and all kind of things that related to determination and successive. Haha. Sape yang tak pikir duet time keje beb. Haha. Kau? Haha

  5. well it's up to u pal.
    to take my words for granted or seriously.
    i'm doing this out of honest concern.

    maybe i'm not that good(thanks to my fucking self-discipline haha), but those words are.

    they all come from the wisdom of truly successful people - who're not just having lots of money but other much more important things than that.

    *weh kalo ko sesat sampai ke klang cni roger aku. ko tau kan aku keje cni

  6. aku tau..reduan bagitau..celah mane plak aku nak sesat smpai sane.baru sekali aku jejak klang