Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Personal Water Craft

Last Sunday I went for a jet-ski learning session at Mont Kiara. It's FREE OF ANY FREAKIN' CHARGES! Haha. It was organized by the Rakan Muda Club. But to me, its a Rakan Muda Dan Tua Club. Because majority for participants is 25 and above. Annoyed, childish and masok air. Package. Suppose I bought my buddy Naufal together. But he had classes. So off I go by myself. At first its kinda dull. Because I barely knew all the pakcik-pakcik there. So after a day, things turn to be something that is full of enjoyment. Riding a jet-ski ok. Haha. Actually jet-ski is a brand name designed by Yamaha Motors. The real name for jetski is Personal Water Craft. Wattaheck. These are the pictures.


  1. i'd tried once, mase vacation kat penang..
    syok abis, first2 kinda scared coz xpnah kan..bile dah lame2x, syok lak sampai tak notice dah middle of da sea..

    : )

  2. To june :

    haha.kinda awckward kan. dia bukan macam motor. infact throttle dia pon macam break.huhu

    To adlynndiyana :

    i'm the boy behind the camera. haha. kat sini sorang pon tak reti nk tangkap gambar using dslr camera. so i'm the one who took all the photos. huhu

  3. yarh..
    awkward juga mula2...
    at first i tout it was da break but then bukan rupenyer...
    ap2 pun syok giler rite, i think u should try it kat laut la, lagi thrill kot, ngan ombak, others jet-skis lagi..aiyaa missed dat moment!! : )

  4. To june :

    But one thing for sure about the sea, i cant stand the heat. haha.

  5. To june :

    and and i tak reti berenang.

  6. itu la gunenye jaket oren tu dude..
    ;)) huhu