Thursday, May 07, 2009

Well well..

Wah. It has been a fucking while since the last time I blogged myself. A month and a half I guess. Okay, cut the crap. Tomorrow, I mean this evening *because now its already 2:11 in the morning* I will face my last azab. Business Communication paper. Although its just a KBKK paper, I have to score in order for me to get into the dean list. Again. Haha. But I'm totally REDHO. How? I suppose to be staring at books at this time actually. But now I'm just doodling around don't know what to do.

Last two days was my buddy's birthday. It was held at his block. Haha. Nasty birthday party ever I must say. Wait haa..

Haa. This is the guy that I'm talking about. Idiot looking facing is it? Hahaha. But it's sure look adorable to Adi I guess. Hahahaha. This is how a one hell of a birthday party looks like