Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It means 'what a day'. First day at work felt like I'm fasting for a month. All the burden went down to my legs. Freaking tired. If only I can cabut both my legs and put them in the refrigerator, that would be a relief. Today not so many customers. The sales was just around RM139k. 'Customers' here is a customers who purchase our products. Not the type of asking so many bags and shoes and purses, but in the end, they went out empty handed. Yeah, I sure do like entertain ya'll, bring those and these bags, and put it back where they belong for ya'll. Yurpie yup, especially for you all. Well bullshit. I did that because of RM7.50 an hour.

Fucking tired, I can't sleep, and I did'nt bath just yet. Haih


  1. 1st : 7.50 for an hour? dang~ it

    2nd : go shower meh..haih.. :DD

  2. To june :

    hahaha..very tiring ok..didnt have the energy to mandi