Monday, May 18, 2009

Topless with a surf pant.

Well, that is certainly what I am right now. Just got back from sending my brother to school. Yeah, I so want to gain weight. Seriously, my brother who is in standard four is much more bigger than me. I mean he's so can put up a weight. What more can I do? Appeton Weight Gain? Its like I'm paying for this piece of trash for nothing. It can't gain my weight. It can only empty my pocket. Hundreds of ringgit just a can. What for? Exercise? wow, that's a good idea, for me to get a lot more thinner than I am right now. Can somebody help me please?

I will start working tomorrow at KLCC in Louis Vuitton store. It's quite good to be back there. They still very well know me. It's a family environment either malay or chinese staffs there. To me-lah. I've been there since July 2007. Hahaha. Good attitudes makes me feel comfortoble working there. The manager, Damian Fong is more like a pakcik to me. Salary? toksah cita,masyuuk~ Back in 2007, I'm a lot more richer because I worked my ass 12 hours a day includes over-time. That is why. I almost beat Donald Trump you know in Forbes Most Richest Man On Earth. Haha. Nowadays, we don't get to make over-time because the company has figure out that it's part-timer always kitai duet company. Haih, what to do.

I so need money right now. So that I can fix my lappy, and pay for the things that I screwed it up. So today is my last day I guess as penganggur yang berjaya. Later.


  1. skang mane trend topless.. bottomless r. oops not forgetting the bush. =P
    bout that PES thing huh, fuck me. haha
    p/s: i'll never be an underdog again! ever!!

  2. hahaha..we'll see my man.if you lose again, you owe me big time.haha