Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It has been a while.

Yes, it has been a while since the last time I update my entry here. I'm not too busy, just helping my father out to do business. A very boring business, but yet kinda fascinating actually. Well Hari Raya came early last night when I got both my hands on a new ACER laptop. Thanks Mifa. The Specs was brilliantly cool with the new 1GB DDR3. Haha. Where got right? My freaking broadband is okay now. It used to be kinda 'ngeng' because of my father's secretary which is my niece did'nt settle all the April's bill. That is why. No wonder back then, I'm kinda like went to Celcom Tower twice a month just want to inquire what was wrong with my broadband. Adoi. Umm, oh ya. Went to Langkawi last 2 weeks I guess. Followed a group of unmatured teenagers. Haha. I'm damn serious. You have to be in the same bus with them, then you will know how I and my brother felt. Luckly both Cik Mat's sons were there too. And I'm damn glad my parents followed. When I got bored with them, off I went to shopping with my family. Is'nt that great?

By the way. This is my figure for the month of June 2009. I ate a lot but still. Tall, slim and slender. Haha. Darn. Wanna go urinating myself.


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  2. you look same as you were 8 years ago.remember me?

  3. i nye figure kt dungun plak, slim slen and slun
    okay, i merepek
    bottom point, i lost weight
    susah woo nk makan kt sane kalau tade transport sme
    and oh, i made friends with 3 jengkarians
    kakak senior acc
    hahaha :p

  4. To adlynndiyana :

    serious?how did you met them?huhu.i pon tak tau either i know them or not.rasenye tak kot.well,i dont need to nost any of my weight.berharga ok.haha.and seriously i wanna gain me ma'am.huhu