Saturday, July 18, 2009

Man Utd vs Malaysia XI

What an amazing evening we had yesterday. Manchester United againts Malaysia XI. Well the game is was not like I predicted where The Devil trashed Malaysia 6-0 or 7-0. The game end with Manchester United 3 vs 2 Malaysia. Impressive is it? This is the first time in my 20 years old life, I'm proud of Malaysian player. And and, look at the crowd. Awesome atmosphere aite? Haha, and the funny part is, there are those moron who wears Arsenal Liverpool and Chelsea's shirts! Haha. They got booed in front of everybody. Yeah, serve you right. It's a one hell of experience. Owh ya. Owen scored too you know :)


  1. somehow, bukit jalil stadium looks so overseas-ish yesterday :)

  2. hahaa.ak pegi gak owh.last minute plan.ko dduk mana? aku dduk dkat grandstand. nikon ak buat hal. xbleh nk on.srious sakit ati. terpaksa guna hp camera yg murah.

  3. i x dpt pg yg smlm punye. but i dpt tiket utk esok! woohoooo!

  4. adlynndiyana :

    Haha. Its the picture. Full house babe. Amazing atmosphere :)

    Nbl :

    Haha.. dan dan time tu plak camera buat hal kan.haha

    Hanniey :

    Haha. Too bad then. Penuh weh. But I bet the game would be more awesome malam ni. Semalam dorang maen tak 150% haha