Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perempuan, jangan view. I warn ya.

Haha. Never thought this one was coming huh? But who cares. This one ass motherfucker is so damn hot. She dance like a pro belly dancer. Like what Nini said to me. It's an art. Haha. To all the ladies, I already warn you. Too bad that you have to look at this. But it is not as bad as it gets. It really turns all you fuckface aite? Haha. Enjoy :D


  1. oooooh
    so inilah kerja u rupenye?
    hahaha :p

  2. btw, it looks more like an ass or hip dance to me instead of a belly dance :P

  3. hahaha..
    this is more likely to be my new hobby..
    what more can you do at 4 in the morning?
    haha.umm..yah i think. but shes damn hot. fullstop.haha