Friday, October 09, 2009

Haih, why?

Okay, I will not take back whatever that I already thrown away. And this 'whatever that I have thrown away', is all rubbish, and I really don't want it to exist in my memory. It's all history to me. And to you, I really really really don't want you back in my life. Not even a friend of mine and definitely not as a lover. I got my own right now and I do really love her. You can cut all the bullshit that you have told everyone. It doesn't mean a thing to me from the moment your ripped my heart out. And yeah, thank you for that. I am really really despise you.

And to my love, I will always love you no matter what. No matter what I'll become and no matter how far we apart. You and me, we go hand in hand, and nothing will set us apart. I love you very very much Natasha Azrah Zarak Kamal.

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