Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To my dearest CELCOM broadband

To : My celcom broadband

Hello my beloved celcom broadband modem. you know what, I am starting to let my anger grow little by little on you.and from now on, I am freaking angry with you douchbag. why you always disconnect yourself ey? I can not do any fucking single thing when you are not there to help me. Don't act like a bastard okay. And owh, for the record, I pay you every single month okay. I pay you so you can connect yourself every time I want. Sadly, you're not. And you seriously a huge dissapointment. what should I do now for you to connect yourself my broadband? Do you want me to throw you at the wall hardly? Or drown you in the bath tub? If you give me the option, I will surely do it on the spot, without wasting any of my time at all. Haih, this is my last ever warning okay my friend. If you do the same error again, I will send you back to where you belong and I am surely going to sue your company for burdening me big time.

From : The one who depress with you, Ikhwan.

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