Saturday, October 17, 2009

I don't know what to say

Okay, let me put up this way. If you do know me very well, you will surely know what kinda man/boy I am. Well in case you still don't quite remember, I am a forgotten kinda person. So, what I want to make it clear here is about wishing for something. Example, anniversary or whatever you wanna call it.

To my really true friends, I am truly sorry. I tend to forget all of your anniversary, But not all. Most of them. What I remember now is my girlfriend's anniversary, our anniversary, my sister's and.. that is it. only them. Even I also didn't remember my parents' anniversary. What a scumbag. Owh yeah, I do remember one of my friend's birthday. He is Naufal. Because his birthday is on 7th November which do remind me of the 7-eleven store. Haha. Well, for me it is not a big deal actually.

And owh. Every couple always celebrate monthly anniversary am I right? Well, basically its an "anniversary" and it refers to 'every year' not every 'month'

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