Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To the one I care the most

I used to wonder. What makes my life so different than it used to be. Now I know, my life is so much different because you're in it now. In fact, you worth more than my own life. The very basic of eternal happiness in me is knowing that I can bring happiness in your life. I'm very happy to know that you are happy when I'm around. In the name of God, in every inch of my body, heart and soul, I'm extremely happy to be with you every single day, hours, minutes in my life. You are the most wonderful colors, and you painted them all over my heart, makes it as bright as sunlight.

On second thought, deep in my heart, I still wonder. Am I good enough for you? Time has told me, and what I had in mind is, I am no different than any other guy. There is nothing unique about me. Oh no, there is one. I am a loser. How unique is that? Me, myself has caused other , especially you so much trouble and give them pain in the ass. I wish i can erase this, the most "unique" side of me. Unfortunately, I can't, and it eats me inside out. What I have in mind in the mean time is, I am not born to live in this world. If I knew earlier than I will hurt someone indirectly, especially you, I won't be socialize. I'd rather sit at home and do nothing than hurting someone that I'm in love with.

And to you, I'm so sorry. I know, "sorry" was not enough for you. I will do any single thing just to have the "old us". I really need that so badly. I can't do a thing without you. It's like I can't breathe although the air is more than enough for me. I just want you to know that every single time in my 20 years old life, and about two month with you, I really really love you. I have dedicated my life just to love every inch of you no matter what happen. I owe millions of apologize to you again. I broke my promise. A promise of not letting you down anymore. I am truly sorry. Thanks to you because being the best ever thing in my life, and I hope you will be the best for me forever and ever.

I love you Natasha Azrah bt Hj. Zarak Kamal every moment in my life. And I hope that words still means a lot to you.

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  1. sayang, you are NOT loser or watsoever.
    you are my hun,my love and my everythings!!
    iloveyou so much <3