Monday, November 23, 2009

Do you really need a GF/BF?

Well, if you ask me the same question, it'll be a 50-50 situation. I need a girlfriend because she will make me happy all the time even when she's mad at me, and eventually will be my wife someday. If God willing. Haha. I used to stay single before. And for that moment of time, I never thought I would be in relationship again for about half a year. But seriously, I do need a person, girl specifically to cheer me up. Well besides my friends. They have been good to me all this while. But nothing can compare to my beloved future wife. Haha. I guess it is not a 50-50 situation anymore. I do need a girl in my life though. 100 solid percent. Haha

Effort is needed when you get one, or you're in pursuit of one. Lots and lots of effort. Yeap, I really really mean it. But you don't have to chase actually. If you be patience, then it will surely get to you no matter what situation you're in. Be alert at anytime with all the hints. It's like you won a jackpot if you can spot the hints. Hahaha. Guys, this is your role. To spot the hints. I think about 1:10000 girls who make the first move. It must and always be a guys role to start it first. But it does not mean that girls cannot start it first. They are welcome to actually. But the fact is. Ovum doesn't swim to sperms. On the other hand, sperms do all the swimming.

Argument ey. Okay, what can I say. Every couple will definitely argue about a thing or two. How big are the issues, depends on them. Jealousy, hatred etc. Manage the argument issues wisely because you don't want to end up breaking up, then you get back again. Breaking up again, and do it all over again. Seriously asking, you like being on that situation?have you ever tired of it? C'mon people. Wake your asses up. Me, myself had enough of this couple break thingy. Its like you poop yourself, and you take your poop and lick it back. Are you feeling me now? I had never been in relationship with the same girl ever. And I'm hoping that my current girl, will be my one and only wife.

Owh, here is a tips on how to overcome a situation in you relationship. I hope it will do good for all of you. Take a piece of paper. On the front page, list down the negative side of your partner, and at the back, list down the positive side of them. If you find there is more bad than good in your partner, then you burn the paper down, and forget about it. It's like you're burning the past. And if the good side is more than bad, then you have some serious issues. You will be the most dumbest person on earth if you leave him/her.

If you think he/she is worth living and loving for, then do what is must to be done :)

Darn, don't call me Dr. Love. I seriously hate that. Haha


  1. since when did u become a love doctor?
    (that was intentional :P)

  2. shauki..i was born to. haha. joking