Friday, November 20, 2009

Finally :D

I don't think any of you know how grateful I am after she called me from Indonesia :D Thank God you're okay. I thought something bad happened to you. And you don't know how worried I was back then. It's already passed 24 hours. A day without your message. It's awkward you know. Gosh. I miss you a lot. Get your thick ass back to Malaysia as soon as possible okay sayang. icky.


  1. oh tasha dah g indonesia er???
    how long??

    hahha padan muka u!
    yes ta jeles dah:)
    hahah (jahat)

  2. Cak : sampai hari isnin ni kot. at least dia col i. tak col you. baahahaha (lagi jahat) :D

  3. pandai plak mbr aku wat blog..hahaha(ketawa g jahanam)

  4. anonymous : siapakah gerangan tuan hamba?