Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lari tajuk.

Okay. What the hell. I'm updating my blog here. Yeah I know you guys miss me. Don't be like that okay. Already finished my bloody examination. Freaking glad man. And the chances for me to get in the dean list is so damn low this semester. Owh, speaking about chances, do you take all your chances well? I mean, everybody have their own chances. Mine as well. And I think I took it perfectly well. That is the reason why I am extremely happy right now. kan sayang? :)

Chances come and go nowadays. You can't ignore them just like that. You will end up living in nowhere. Okay, for instant. This one guy, he has a massive crush on a unique lady *according to him* and he felt that this lady have the same crush on him too. He didn't have the guts to say he likes her out loud. Instead, he just kept it for himself. Then, after a couple of month, he accidentally thought of her. By the look of his face, he regret that he didn't confess to her. And now, he tries to make up to her. But he thinks this unique lady is not into him anymore. How awful is that can be? Yeah, you be the judge.

Well in my case, sorry for showing off guys :) I've known Natasha Azrah for about a couple of months. And yes, we text and chatting a lot. Then after a while, I took my first move after all the hints that she gave me, although I am pending kinda guy. You must have the guts, otherwise, you receive nothing. And the timing has to be perfect. If you know that he or she is worth loving for, then for God sake, try to approach her and comfort her. But in a gentle and mature way. Don't be like a psycho animal. Be as cool as possible.

That was just a random example. But in my case, it is a fact. there are many example. Job promotion, education and so on. But some chances are best to be left behind for the sake of others. Depends on ones heart feelings. But must not regret the decision that you have made. Remember, having guts is a must. It makes you feel powerful. And power cannot be given, it must be taken :)

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