Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The most perfect getaway :)

Besides the gladness in because of the end of forth semester examination, I'm extremely happy for the one I love right here, right now. Just put aside all the problems and troubles, and spend time alone in a romantic atmosphere. but we weren't alone actually :)

Bottom line is, I love the way it is right now. And I'm so madly in love with you baby :)

Please be jealous everybody. Bye.


  1. ok, member punya pasal kan..
    filling ur wish;
    "jep! aku giler jeles ! "

  2. cak : you should be. haha :D

    cika : mung ni.nak jeles tu ikhlas la sikit. haha

  3. tak yg awak tuh yer saya jeles ini tak:)

    tasha i realy2 jeles!!!!!!!
    hahha puas ker:)
    tapi memng pon:)

    jaga tasha kiter baik2:)