Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For those who wants to be inspire.

First and foremost, congratulations and tahniah for those who manage to continue their study and on the other hand, good luck for those who didn't want to further their study, and went job hunting. Both action will lead to the same ending. It's either you are done with your life, or you achieve the stability that you wanted in life. Either you do the things correctly or you just simply ignore and and tak payah susah-susah, or have a negative thinking on each and every aspect that awaits you in the future. Things doesn't always come in your way and it can't always favor you. If that happens, the your life got something wrong somewhere. Useless thoughts will then arise in your mind and flow till it touches your heart. Then you'll cry out loud, and komplen-komplen about the difficulties you had, and do nothing. That will surely put a full stop to your perfect life. Some say, it's something that a fools do if you hunts a job in this current period. Well in my opinion, some who said that is look like a fool to me. The ball is round, even the earth is round, so does the luck of everyone. You tak boleh simply-simply talk crap about everyone's luck. Some got what they want, and they feel like 'waaa, the world is mine'. And the other some would definitely feels like 'aiya..die la'. You people mesti lack of motivation.

Imagine this, what will WOW you the most, if you got what you asking for, and you did 3.00 above, or you didn't get what you want, instead, you got something else tougher like 'Crap, why I got an offer for this one' and you still manage to do the same 3.00 and above? Think with your brain, not your thick head. Thing would'nt goes horribly wrong if you do the right things. Well, if you keep on repeating SUSAH SUSAH SUSAH, a total susah for you la then. And yet, don't say SENANG SENANG SENANG because when you said that, and you get the susah one, then die la. The best thing to do is practice and try not to be as lazy as possible. You rajin-rajin , will surely brighten up your life. Tak banyak pun sikit jadi la.

Can you see the chain now? So whatever you do, rajin must have. Almost forgot. I know this one might caught you. But I must say it. Try, cuba, learn, belajar to be independent. Don't be too dependent. Because you know kan, things can go wrong in a split of second. I don't wish it to happen, just a reminder from the one who care. Don't regret for the things you've done, and concentrate on your future. The best is yet to some if you manage to tackle the obstacle. What the hell am I saying dow. Bye-bye.

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