Tuesday, June 08, 2010


It is something that I rather say it here than burdening everyone. Some might say that this is not so important. But to me, it is. Have you ever felt like, you're in love in a sudden and your every day is a loving day? I have. I think my life is an extraordinary one. It's all because of her. You know what, till now, I feel something that no words can ever describe. The endless supply of happiness.

But, there's one major problem which is ME. Ever since I'm with her, she is literally 100% perfect for me in any ways, while I'm the spoil brat. Kept messing around, hurt her in so many ways but not physically. She have emotional imbalance because of me. I kept blaming myself because I know I'm the one to blame, not her. She's the nicest person on earth that I have ever met. Truly I am. And luckily she's in love with me. I hope she's the one and only. And for the moment being, I don't quite sure what happen. This is so awkward. She feels empty with nothing inside her, I guess not even me. Hopefully I'm wrong about that. Everybody knows how hard it is when someone that you love disappear in a second. I don't want that to happen either, because I have felt it before, again and again. But not this time. I'm fully committed to her.

I guess the way I am is wrong. Just guessing because I don't even know what I did wrong. Maybe I'm not aware what I was doing. And sometimes she feels like want to cry because of me. I just can't take it. That time, I just realize how dumb I am. You just don't want to make the one you love cry. I don't know how to do things right. Whenever I felt it's right, it gets worse. I guess this is the challenge that I have to deal with. I want to be with her every single time. But I keep saying to myself, I'm out of her league. She's way too good for me, when the fact that I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I hope there still have a 'we' word. I have to agree on "A simple 'I love you' do make ones world spinning round". Natasha Azrah. This is the girl that I cannot live without.

Aku memang berjiwang. Kesah apa. Dah aku sayang dia.

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